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Service & Contracting

Real Estate Forever has years of experience with Service and Contracting businesses. We have helped buy and sell many businesses over the years and can help you get the best value. Our consultants will help you through the process step by step so you can have peace of mind. Some of the businesses we have experienced in are:

Clinics and Pharmacies
Leasing Units
Landscape & Property Management Businesses


Real Estate forever has specialization in working with clients in the Manufacturing industry. Some examples of the kind of businesses we have worked are:

Paper Product Manufacturing
Custom Woodworking
Specialized Food Manufacturing
Print & Sign
Specialized Plastics Manufacturing Companies

We understand that the manufacturing industry comes with its own sets of regulations.  Adhering to these regulations and having a depth of knowledge and experience is absolutely essential for the sale and purchase of businesses in this industry.  Our experienced consultants will assist you at each stage of the process regardless of which type of business you are dealing with.

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Distribution & Wholesale

Real Estate Forever has a lot of experience in facilitating sales and purchases for companies in the Distribution & Wholesale Industry.  Some of the companies we have worked belong to food processing, manufacturing, and packaging for resale and distribution. We help our clients on an on-going basis with sales and purchases. Our in-depth knowledge of the Distribution & Wholesale industry has always benefitted our clients to get the best value in each transaction.

Transportation & Logistics

Real Estate Forever is equipped to handle all your sales and purchase transactions in the Transportation & Logistics industry. Our successes in this industry have led our clients to take advantage of our expertise in this industry, bringing them huge gains. Come and talk to us if you are looking to either sell or purchase a business in this industry.

Retail Businesses

Real Estate Forever has worked with a variety of businesses in this industry. Some of the examples are:

Food Retail
Hardware Retail
Home Improvement Retail
Novelty Retail
Franchise Businesses and much more
For most of these, we have not only worked with street-front but also with distribution and wholesale businesses having either a single or multiple retail locations.

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Professional Practices

We have helped with sales and purchases of many businesses in the Professional Practices industry.  We are well versed in sales for single or multi-location businesses. Some of the types of businesses we have worked with are:

Financial Products Branches

Full-Service Medical Spa’s

Specialized Consulting Firms

Specialized Vocation Colleges

Reputable Spa & Hair Salon’s

Real Estate Forever can assist in facilitating sales and purchases in all types of Professional Practices businesses.  Send us an email at info@sarnail.com to connect with us!

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Buying a business

We assist in arranging a meeting with the potential sellers and lead discussions and negotiations with them on your behalf.

Business Advisory

we are a team of business intermediaries with decades of combined experience. We have experts who have worked in various industries dealing with some of the most complicated transactions.

A step by step plan

Understanding the objective of client is crucial to set roadmap and plan accordingly.

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