our step by step plan, strategy, and outlining requirements

First Approach 

  • Understand the objectives of the client
  • Review past financial performance
  • Review Operations and their performance
  • Review Growth projections
  • Develop an initial marketing strategy
  • Understand the company and objectives


Prepare Prospectus & Identify Potential Buyers/Sellers

  • Define key selling points
  • Prepare a list of offerings
  • Identify and evaluate potential buyers
  • Make a plan for strategic and financial buyers

Marketing Efforts

  • Contact Buyers
  • Distribute Prospectus
  • Qualify Buyers and provide pertinent information
  • Prepare presentation for prospective buyers
  • Evaluate indications of interest by prospective buyers


Conduct Management Presentations & Buyer Due Diligence

  • Narrow down qualified buyers
  • Arrange meetings and site visits
  • Perform follow-up discussions and share detailed information

Evaluate Bids & Facilitate Negotiations

  • Evaluate all bids
  • Facilitate negotiations
  • Complete legal documentation with due diligence


Legal Work and Closing

  • Complete final closing documentation
  • File with appropriate legal authorities
  • Close and complete transaction

more on business

Selling a business

The moment you decide to choose to sell your company, you will get our complete commitment to helping you with the process. 

Buying a business

We assist in arranging a meeting with the potential sellers and lead discussions and negotiations with them on your behalf.


Some of the companies we have worked belong to food processing, manufacturing, warehousing and packaging for resale and distribution.

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